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We’re an independent design house  that prides itself on building delightful booths.

We’re based in Modena, Italy & LasVegas USA

            <p>Our Goal</p>
            <p>We have one simple goal: to build the best booths in the world. </p>
            <p>Booths that surprise and delight users, booths that are useful. </p>
            <p>Booths that enable people to do amazing things, </p>
            <p>that help people do the things they love.</p>
            <p>Our Values</p>
            <p>We’re passionate about building great products.</p>
            <p>We put time, care and attention into the things we make.</p>
            <p>We’re dedicated to providing outstanding support to all our customers.</p>
            <p>We promise to stay independent, to stay in control.</p><p></p>
            We’ll be honest and up-front when we make mistakes.

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